Monday, 30 November 2009

Did I say I was finished?

Thanks to my friend Kim, I wasn't sat around doing nothing this afternoon. lol. She had talked another friend into having her daughters card made by me. I love it!......................I hope she does too. I've just discovered the hue button on GCF and boy is it a boon. With a push of a button you can get everything matching.............................Brilliant!

Four more to go to America

Plus this one I had to do for a wife, another slant I suppose on the sexy bra and pants card. Actually it looked good finished and he was so pleased with it, he paid me double what I asked. So thank you Nigel! The last four to go to America.

A Few More

The last of sally's cards and I'd just finished them when another order came in for six 8 x 8 Christmas cards to go over to America. I enjoyed making this size But had to find wider ribbons PDQ!! Two are on this post...............the others to follow!

An order of Six Christmas cards

My friend Sally ordered 6 Christmas cards then came back and ordered 2 more plus 3 birthday cards. So I have been very busy. The two top ones are Kizzy Dizzy downloads converted to make A5 cards..............the downloads are a wee bit smaller than that!

Long Time No See

I've been so busy with orders lately I haven't had time to keep up with my blog. These are a few of the last of the birthdays and get well cards.............hopefully until after Christmas now

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Template for shutter card

Posted by someone on the imag-e-nation forum. I imported it into GCF and dragged it to fit A4 so no waste!

What a lot of work goes into these!

I didn't realise how much work goes into making a shutter card. The folds were no problem, but then you have to cut out all the inner panels I Stuck one piece on the back by mistake DOH! Still I am quite happy with the end result. But won't be in a hurry to make another!!