Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New baby card with lacey shoe

A friend's neighbour became a Grandma on Christmas day, so I was asked to make this in a hurry. The baby was born in Norway ( hense the strange name and the flag) She is going out to see him 2nd January. It is an adapted Kizzy Dizzy card enlarged to fit A5 card A close up of the shoe...............which was surprisingly easy to do! I may just put a small blue bow on the front of the shoe.......it looks a bit bare!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Had to re do this card

I am not a happy bunny! I made a card for a friend which had to go to America for her brother's birthday on 23rd Dec. It turned out a lovely card......even if I do say so myself................Scroll down it is the ones with horses on! Anyway.......It got there of sorts...............she phoned to tell me the other night when it arrived it looked like it had been dunked in a bucket of water. Well, you all know what inkjet printing looks like if it gets wet!!
But he stuck it on the mantlepiece regardless. But he couldn't read the words or anything!!
She was so upset she asked me to make another but as the only thing that had survived was the topper of the horses ( because I has sprayed it with spray and shine possibly) Could I do a photography image. I have to say I don't like this one as much as the horses, but who am I to argue! The backing and the verse are the same as the first one because she said they were lovely words.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Another man's easel card

His birthday is Christmas day and seeing as he is 70 this year is having a party on 27th Dec. He loves his allotment, so I thought this image to be fitting. I assume his name is Patrick! An order for a friend of mine.

Hopefully the last for this year!!

Just a couple of last minute ones. There is always one person who leaves it to the last minute!

Monday, 7 December 2009

A Change from Christmas Cards

An image from "Belly Button babies" I had to chop it around a bit to accomodate the photo, but think it's worked out quite well. I hope Morgan enjoys seeing himself driving a train!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My First Ever Easel Card 8 x 8

I was asked to make a card for a man...............Yuk!!! I thought..........I hate doing men's cards. I didn't know anything about the man either, just that he was in his 50's!..... So..........I thought I'd try an easel card...............never done one before in my life. But I can honestly say I enjoyed doing it..........A man's card I enjoyed doing!! Now the only problem is how do I put it in the cello bag? With the front showing or with the front folded in? If the front is folded in then it naturally wants to open as an easel card. If the front is showing will they know how to display it? Decisions decisions.................

Monday, 30 November 2009

Did I say I was finished?

Thanks to my friend Kim, I wasn't sat around doing nothing this afternoon. lol. She had talked another friend into having her daughters card made by me. I love it!......................I hope she does too. I've just discovered the hue button on GCF and boy is it a boon. With a push of a button you can get everything matching.............................Brilliant!

Four more to go to America

Plus this one I had to do for a wife, another slant I suppose on the sexy bra and pants card. Actually it looked good finished and he was so pleased with it, he paid me double what I asked. So thank you Nigel! The last four to go to America.

A Few More

The last of sally's cards and I'd just finished them when another order came in for six 8 x 8 Christmas cards to go over to America. I enjoyed making this size But had to find wider ribbons PDQ!! Two are on this post...............the others to follow!

An order of Six Christmas cards

My friend Sally ordered 6 Christmas cards then came back and ordered 2 more plus 3 birthday cards. So I have been very busy. The two top ones are Kizzy Dizzy downloads converted to make A5 cards..............the downloads are a wee bit smaller than that!

Long Time No See

I've been so busy with orders lately I haven't had time to keep up with my blog. These are a few of the last of the birthdays and get well cards.............hopefully until after Christmas now

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Template for shutter card

Posted by someone on the imag-e-nation forum. I imported it into GCF and dragged it to fit A4 so no waste!

What a lot of work goes into these!

I didn't realise how much work goes into making a shutter card. The folds were no problem, but then you have to cut out all the inner panels I Stuck one piece on the back by mistake DOH! Still I am quite happy with the end result. But won't be in a hurry to make another!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

You have to read this verse.......Just Brilliant

I was asked to make this card by the club we use...........John or Little Willy as he's known (don't ask!) went into hospital this week to have a hip replacement. He is a Yorkshireman and comes from last of the summer wine country. I was going to say the original Compo, but that would be unkind. But he is a right character! His bungalow is always a open house and he tells all to pop in anytime for a cuppa..........hense the name "Caley Way Caff" He is a true gentleman and would never dream of having a milk bottle out. The milk is always in a jug, and the sugar in a basin. Anyway the card was made by me and the verse composed by my OH............I think it is brillaint (The verse, I mean) and I know John will be over the moon with it.

Before anyone comments and tells me there is a spelling mistake...........Yes I know. I've since changed the insert and retyped it............What an idiot!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

More Kizzy Dizzy Cards ( for special people)

Been busy all morning making more Kizzy Dizzy cards. They will be for family members. The problem with these are they use up so much cardstock. What I really need to do is split up all the elements and import it into GCF I don't think I would be throwing half the amount of wasted cardstock away! Plus they would be a full size A5 card.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Gatefold Card Made From an Envelope Template

I was having another go with the Kizzy Dizzy cards this morning and it occured to me how easy it would be to make a gatefold card from the front of an envelope that has the flap attached. You'll need a Christmas envelope template though.
Print out 2 images like this one then turn it over and print a coordinating backing sheet on the back of the card.Cut out and stick one on top of the other so that the flaps become the gatefolds.
Crop the square and make it slightly smaller than the card for the insert (add a verse if you like)
Then a topper for the middle of the flaps.I also made the actual envelope. Again slightly larger than normal to house the card.