Friday, 26 February 2010

Lastly a Valentine for my OH and a few for Sally

The Valentine I made for my other half this year.............romantic or what? I always get a romantic one from him too. Not bad for 41 years married!
An order for a 60th birthday And three cards for Sally! And I'm sure I'll get a couple more to make too

I think I am almost there now!

Two bookatrix ordered by our local landlady for her mum and MIL. She very kindly has a box of my cards in her pub for sale.

Two card for active 90 year olds

One still plays golf twice a week, and has just enrolled in a course to improve his golf!! And the other still dives (no I haven't spelt it wrong) I mean DIVES from boats out at sea!!
Alan is a co-ordinator for the Lyme Regis Lifeboat crew hense the image!

And a plain old wedding anniversary lol

A few of my recent orders

From the MCS Deco Follies for Mother's day For my friend Chris
A Kizzy Dizzy card adapted to fit an A5 card

And last but not least my first ever gay wedding card ( the theme was bright pink and black!)

Totally neglecting it!

My blog that is! I've not been on here for more than a month and that's not good enough. These three cards are all for the same person................Motorbikes and football...............about right!!