Monday, 29 June 2009

What an idiot I am!!

What an idiot!! Went to reply to my emailed order to tell her it was ready and noticed she had spelt ANNE with an E. I had made and finished the card without the E. The air was blue for a while, but then I realised the card was lacking something down the left hand side So I had to remake the whole thing. Luckily I was able to take the flower spray and butterflies off unscathed, but the horseshoe got creased so had to be recut.It was easy enough to redo the insert..........................It will make me more observant in future.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Anniversary cards

First of all a Golden Wedding Card The lady like to arrange flowers and the man likes his butterflies so had to do a mixture of both. The flowers stood off the card a fair bit so had to box it
20th anniversary card for a couple who met in Paris

And a Silver Wedding anniversary card

More Orders

This is for Madeline's son Phillip. This is his actual bike
For my own grandson Danny who will be 11 soon........Where does the time go?

Madeline's own birthday card from me
And a card made for a crafting friend to give to her friend.............I know......Why isn't she making her own?? Her excuse is she has recently moved and haven't unpacked all her crafting bits yet!! That would have been the first things to be unpacked here!!!

Christine wanted a larger than A5 bra card so to make an A4 card I had to make a new template......I've lost count the number of times I have had to make the same card for her!
This is for a man who collects antique irons. I hope I have chosen the topper well..........I was looking for something unusual, and I think this fits the bill. It is an iron that crimps and pleats!

Made for a friend to give to another friend................At least I hope he is still a friend after calling him an old git!!
Two wedding cards for Christine and her twin sister Gee. They will insist on having the pair of hearts.........still they are going to different people I suppose, but it is nice to do something for a change!

This is for renewing wedding vows

Monday, 15 June 2009

Back from my hols and back to the grindstone

Two messages were waiting for me when I got back..........both wanting bookatrix wedding cards.
The first one..........she wanted hearts, and believe it or not I had made a card a while ago and put two heart on with initials K & J but I thought it was cluttered and took the hearts back off, luckily I saved them and lo and behold............... Today I needed exactly the same initials. Jammy or what?
This one was left to me, so I did my favourite colours together.....Silver and lilac....with an image I hadn't used before, given to me by MaureenP from the forum. Thanks Maureen.
I had cut this a while ago and thought it would make a "different" anniversary card. The mirricard is deep purple but doesn't show up in the photo.

What a privilage to be asked to make this next card............My first 100th birthday card......I hope the lady is still with us on her's not until September.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

First of all let me explain

First of all let me apologise to the lovely ladies that have given me awards. We are going away for a week this coming weekend, so I have been flat out finishing my orders before I go. I am sorry but I have no time to even acknowledge them. It's Wednesday tomorrow and I'd better catch up on the dreaded HW and washing.
Here are my last few before I go. I hope I get no last minute orders!

Made for a friend who is in fact a card maker too but she has just moved and her excuse was she hasn't unpacked her bits yet. lolThe first birthday card is for my nephew's baby who will be one at the end of this month.And a Diamond Wedding card for very good friends to be given by another friend.