Saturday, 27 October 2012

To help stock a shop

A friend is opening a cake accessory shop local to us. This has been ongoing for a while but she has had problems, not sure what!
She asked me at the very beginning if I would make some cards for the shop, which I did do!
But as I have spent so much time in hospital, my husband had sold most of them to customers wanting cards!

She got in touch with me again yesterday and told me it is finally opening, so I had to go through everything I had and sort something out.
I managed to sort out 41.....remarkably....
Hopefully there is a broad selection, but I'm sure she will be in touch should anyone want anything in particular!

Just a few to make up the numbers.

And a recommendation, which is lovely.........ordered from someone who has received one of my cards

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Been a tad busy

Four made in two days..........I think I could be getting back into the swing of things.

The first two are family cards, One for my grandson's 18th and the other for my DIL

The next two are for the same person and were needed ASAP. He hadn't realised I was back making them and needed them before they were off to Morocco tomorrow.
Lucky things to get a holiday..........I've missed summer this year having spent the last five and half months in hospital.

The ribbon rose I saw made on C&C yesterday morning and easily made providing you have ruffle edged ribbon............I don't think ordinary would look as good.
Take a length of 15" ruffle edge ribbon, and attach DST all along the bottom edge. Start by rolling the ribbon to make the centre. Now keep going but with little tucks or pleats. They are quite large when made, but perfect for a single rose on a large card!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I spent my 65th Birthday in hospital

After spending five and a half months in hospital (See previous posts) It was inevitable  I would spend one or two important days there. In fact I spent both my hubby's and mine 65th birthdays while there.
His was in July and mine was in September.
He had birthday cakes made for both occasions. but his fell on a Monday and mine happened to fall on a Sunday, which was far better for celebrating.

He arrived at the hospital at midday, with wine, and he then wheeled me to the hospital restaurant, where we had a lovely roast for lunch.............with the wine..........just one glass!!
He then gave me all the cards that had arrived!!!!

I am an admin staff member of Craftersreunited forum, and Lynn there had contacted all the members to see how many would be prepared to send me a card for my birthday.
Well!!!! You haven't seen anything like it.............altogether there were took more than an hour to open them all, and they were all absolutely fantastic. And I mustn't forget the lovely watch that was made by Trace from the rest of the admin staff. All that really helped make my day.......Thank you so much ladies.

I got back to my bedspace, and caught one of the nurses flying out, They had decorated my space while I was out of the way, bless them.

Almost time for visitors now. And my son, his partner and my granddaughter Katie arrived. We had a chat for a while and then all the nurses and even a porter came in with my cake and sang Happy Birthday. They were marvellous........all of them......I couldn't fault the care and attention I had while in there. In fact I've made good friends with a couple of them, and they have called round for tea and a chat since I've been home. I think it helped that my friend Kim is Ward Clerk there.


The cake was made by another friend of ours, and Tony left the theme to her as she knows me pretty well. She chose Bingo, as both me and Tony organise a monthly bingo at our local social club.
All in all a very memorial day..........Thanks to all!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

8 x 8 step cards plus a couple of quickies.

I've now been home for 2 weeks and we've had our ups and downs health wise. I've been to see the plastic surgeon and he said a skin graft would make my wound worse, so thank goodness no operation needed there. Only problem if left to heal on it's own it's going to take absolutely ages!
But the district nurses are still coming in daily.

Back to a little bit of crafting, just a bit at a time as I still can't sit for too long!!

I saw a lovely 8x8 step card made by KarenJ and decided to work the measurements out. I love them although they are fiddly to make.
The others are cards from The clipart fairy.
Strange they are all special birthdays.....30th, 40th and 50th!!