Monday, 22 December 2008

One I started earlier

And just as well I did! Why do people leave things to the last minute? This was wanted for Christmas eve!

Luckily I was experimenting a while ago with some free paper downloads and made the whole topper so all I had to do was attach it to the base card and add the sentiment. It saved me a fair bit of time this morning. I love these warm colours!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Jinxed card?

I think this card was jinxed!! I made this 8 x 8 card with a sheet of A3 card white linen. With the surplus I embossed the tree and decorated the left hand panel. I had just enough card over to print the sentiment on the right hand side. But my printer had other ideas................... It didn't feed into the printer right and came out scew piffle. So I printed it again on A4 white linen which turned out to be a different shade of white and looked awful!! So I took the tree apart and used the same A4 white linen to redo the tree......................Great, and because it was slightly heavier card, it embossed better..................except I hadn't noticed I'd spelt Christmas wrongly. So had to take the right hand side apart and start all over again. I put it down to this cold I have, I feel like pooh at the moment and shouldn't really have attempted it!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The things you get asked to do!!

The first one, I was asked for a gypsy caravan with loads of animals around it...............Karen and Dodge live on the same estate as me, all beautiful bungalows!! The problem for them is they live next door to a gypsy who although now owns her own bungalow, still keeps loads of a domestic back garden. Poor Karen and Dodge have a lot to put up with, with the smells and rats!! It wouldn't have been my choice of card, but there you go. There's nothing like rubbing the salt into the wound, but I think they have a sense of humour!!

Number two card is for Sid, who apparently goes to the pub just on Saturdays armed with £5 notes that he must save all week!! Hense the fivers"!!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Twit Twit Twit!!

I was looking for a Christmas card yesterday I'd made for a good friend.................I can't find it anywhere.
Then I realised what I had probably done..............Yes, posted it with all the addressed ones!!!!
This particular one only had her name on the front as I would have given it to her by hand. What an idiot!!!
Then I realised it was not the only one missing! At the moment I can only think of two, and that was for close friends.
So......................back to Christmas card making this morning.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Makes me feel a bit more cheerful

We've put the tree and all the lights up outside today. Took all day mind you. But looks good. Red and gold theme.

So so annoyed

Ever made your mind up on something and someone kicks the legs from beneath you?..................

Dale posted a link into the lounge of the imag-e-nation forum this morning about a workstation from Debbie Moore designs. It's normally £1500 They have it half price at £849 But Dale said there was a further 50% off it.She had emailed them to make sure!
I had a chat to Tony and I think he liked the idea to get the spare room back to a little bit of normality.So I phoned Debbie Moore designs and asked. Well the girl there said it was only open to members. So I said I would register would that be enough? She said to sign up for the newsletters too.
Debbie was apparently out, but she would get her to ring me when she got in. I was just mailing Dale about it when the phone rang, Apparently the work box was not included in the offers and should have been taken off. Now do you see why I am so annoyed?? I'd made my mind up I wanted one - but I am not paying £849!!
I see they have added a note to the web page now saying it is not included in the Christmas offers!!
It's their loss.................and I still have my £400

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Almost forgot Hubby

And that wouldn't do!!

One for a former farmer

My husband loves this one. Background image from GCF

Friday, 5 December 2008

Three more 8 x 8 cards

A friend called in yesterday to pick up a card she had ordered. She had never bought from me before and hadn't really seen any of my cards, so I got a few out for her to look at. She ended up ordering three more. I'll have to do that a bit more often! Two of them are going to Australia with her at Christmas (lucky thing!) She liked the lilac Christmas card made earlier and wanted one very similar. I used different backing paper.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Just a couple more Christmas cards