Thursday, 21 January 2010

60th and 90th cards

I popped the motorcycle card down to the Co-op this morning (where I used to work) and gave it to Sarah. She was bucked to bits with it. So much so one of the others girls gave me an order. This is it! Her MIL is named Iris so I thought this was apt as she asked for floral.
We've been invited to a 60th birthday party early Feb so this is the card I've made her. I made the backing myself from images on MCS.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Three done today!

I was talking to a girl where I used to work today and got myself a commission. For her brother's 40th Birthday. I was in the right place at the right time for a change! An 8 x 8 type of gatefold. I don't know how many Sally has in her family but I did four for her last week and the next two are for her too. Keep em coming!

This was my Sunday much fior having Sunday off! lol

Friday, 15 January 2010

Footie card

Phew! I hope that's me done for the weekend.I've made maybe 10 or 12 cards this week..........But I can't put them all on here in case there are some sticky beaks around who's got birthdays coming up lol

Butterfies and Gay Wedding!

Large 8 x 8 card to go to America. The butterfies are printed onto acetate and cut out And my very first Gay Wedding card. One of the mothers' ordered the card and was very specific on what she wanted. Bright pink and black with a Double D in black. I tarted it up a bit with a scroll background and a very pale pink organza ribbon. The Double D is layered!

A few more for January

This one is for a couple who have just got engaged. The difference is this couple are in their 70's. Good luck to them, I say. I bet it is a short engagement! For a lady who likes birds................You probably can't see it too well as I have sprayed it with spray and sparkle but the image of the ladies face is made up of birds.
For a little girl just starting school in Australia. Why do they call a primary school a college?

For my grandson Jamie........he is into the game monkey ball

I love this one.............It's a Kizzy Dizzy download I didn't have the parents' names and the baby hadn't been named yet so could only put birth weight and date on.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

January Birthdays

One for my niece for early February I made the card earlier this month and adapted it for her.
Most of the cards I have to make for family and friends this month are men's cards, so when this order for two girly cards came in I was off to the craft room like a shot. This rose one is made using a free sheet from Jak Heath from absolutely ages ago. But I love it, it's suitable for ........could even be a valentine card image.
This one is for a child of 10 or 11. The grandma couldn't remember the exact age........DOH!......... But I know how she feels I often have to look to make sure of the ages of my 5 grandsons. The little girl's name is Madison and I had to resist putting a mermaid on the card. lol
The fishing one is for my brother. I love doing easel cards for males It gives the card a little class, and makes me WANT to make them

This was an order for a friend to give her best friend. They have been friends since school and there has always been rivalry about their birthdays as Chris is a couple of months older than Lyn..........and always will be............That is why there is a Ha Ha below the 62

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

An easel laptop card

I wanted to make my son a laptop card for his birthday but they looked real fiddly. So I thought why not an easel card as a laptop. It displays better too, and folds flat for posting! He enjoys going on ebay........buying and selling it had to be!

A Few Made in the Last Couple of Days

Made for a friend to give to her daughter in law's parents. This was difficult to photograph because of the gold mirri card..............No matter what I did I had flash back each time. This one is for my sister in law later in January

And this one is another order for someone who is into dolphins!