Sunday, 14 September 2008

At last......Anniversary card finished

It's taken me between 4- 5 days to finish this one. I've only been able to snatch 10 mins here and there because OH is home after having an operation on his thumb. He had it a month ago now, and is feeling so much better it's "Shall we go here?" "Shall we go there?"

Today we have been down to visit my friend that had the accident this morning. Out to lunch. Then down to visit another friend this afternoon. With a bit of luck he will have settled down for a few zzzzzzzzzzz now so I can upload this in peace!

The card is just short of A4 size. I hope you like it. I'm quite pleased with it. I hope he likes it.

40 years is a lifetime.


shellshearer said...

love it hun


Maureen said...

I love your card Val Its nice to see one that is a different size and made with the Cuttlebug Well done