Tuesday, 9 December 2008

So so annoyed

Ever made your mind up on something and someone kicks the legs from beneath you?..................

Dale posted a link into the lounge of the imag-e-nation forum this morning about a workstation from Debbie Moore designs. It's normally £1500 They have it half price at £849 But Dale said there was a further 50% off it.She had emailed them to make sure!
I had a chat to Tony and I think he liked the idea to get the spare room back to a little bit of normality.So I phoned Debbie Moore designs and asked. Well the girl there said it was only open to members. So I said I would register would that be enough? She said to sign up for the newsletters too.
Debbie was apparently out, but she would get her to ring me when she got in. I was just mailing Dale about it when the phone rang, Apparently the work box was not included in the offers and should have been taken off. Now do you see why I am so annoyed?? I'd made my mind up I wanted one - but I am not paying £849!!
I see they have added a note to the web page now saying it is not included in the Christmas offers!!
It's their loss.................and I still have my £400

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shellshearer said...

Oh Val I can see why your annoyed hun...they should have at least offered you an incentive its not right or some sort of discount...but at least you've still got your £400 hun to go and spend on crafty stuff lol