Monday, 23 February 2009

I have a new award

I have been given this award by Chris (wellnifty) it's for giving lovely comments to people's blogs. I must admit I don't leave as many as I ought, but I do like to see other people's work and see the lovely ideas they put into practice.I have to choose 5 people........ I don't get many people leave me comments but to the one's that do here is your award.

The first one is Oma, I don't know how you found my blog but thank you so much for your lovely comments. Your cards are great too, I've added yours to the blogs I follow.

Next is Joolse, she has been really helpful of late and her cards are well worth a look.

Next is Budge (Sylv) another of the ladies from the imag-e-nation forum, pay a visit, you wont be disappointed

I know the next two have had this award but how can I leave them out when they are the two that leave the most comments? And lovely they always are.......if that makes sense


Louise Emma said...

It makes sense and it is lovely of you to say so xxx Hugs xx

Oma said...

Thank you Val!

shellshearer said...

thank hun xxx