Sunday, 8 March 2009

90 MIL broken into.

Heard yesterday that MIL who is 90 was broken into overnight.There was no sign of a forced entry, so whether the door wasn't latched properly or whether someone let themselves in from the key which was in the key safe, we are not sure. ( The key safe is a box outside, with a key in, but needs a combination to get at the key)

Luckily he went straight to her purse where she had her £500 pension money plus £60 more.She came down the following morning to find the contents of her purse all over the sofa.Nothing else was touched.Part of me thinks he got what he that was enough, so at least the house wasn't ransacked, and he didn't need to go upstairs where she was sleeping.

But the door was shut when she got up - What burglar shuts the door behind them? And would they bother to put the key back in the key safe?She has carers in each day, plus a young cleaner and they all know the keysafe number............I don't know what to think at the moment.

We are just glad she is ok. She has always said if they want to get in, they will. She is a very strong and independant woman luckily and I don't think this will faze her for long.SIL is staying for a few days as we live miles away. She is arranging for her pension to be paid into the bank from now on so no money will be kept in the house.

The police have been and scenes of crime, but there weren't any fingerprints ( they aren't stupid)

I just hope he doesn't come back..................Apparently very often they do!!


Louise Emma said...

Oh thats dreadful Val,such a lot of money too... poor love must be shaken x Hugs for her x and you xx

shellshearer said...

oh hun what an awful thing to happen...big hugs for you

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Val, thats terrible, there are some evil people around..just be thankful she slept through it and wasn't hurt, hugs to you both

Chris x