Thursday, 2 April 2009

My April cards

No orders at present so got going on my April birthdays. One for an elderly Aunt, and one is for my son who will be 40 this year!! My God! Makes me feel old.

Then I bumped into a friend yesterday who had a prem baby on Christmas day at 24 weeks. The little might Lenny weighed in at just over 2lb!

He is now home and is thriving, weighing 6lb 3oz

Poor Maggie (the Mum) is 44 and a grandmother herself. But she is over the moon with the little one although as she said Knackered!!!

Well I couldn't not make a card could I? He's having an unofficial birthday on the day he should have been born which is Friday 3rd April. Awwwwwwww


Sylvia said...

Lovely cards Val, glad all is well with little Lenny.
Hugs Sylvia R xx

Louise Emma said...

Gorgeous cards, so glad Lenny is doing so well now xx