Monday, 4 May 2009

Dragged My Husband to The Papermill Shop Today

I decided I needed more card today, especially white linen. Then I thought as we were there I may as well get a box of A3 card too as I am doing more and more 8 x 8 cards these days. Not being sure they were open as it was Bank Holiday went on their website first. Well I was in for a shock................NO A3 on their website............just A4 boxes.

I telephoned first to make sure they were open as it is about 40 miles away!! Also asked if they had A3 card....."Oh yes" she said.................Oh yes they did but NO WHITE at all, just not very good quality coloured. So ended up with just three boxes of A4
I have emailed them asking why they seem to have stopped selling it, just waiting for a response now.

Where else will I get it? The papermill shop was so handy!

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Sylvia said...

Val what a disapointment, I get my A3 from a local craft arts shop really good quality and only 45p a sheet.......I just stock up when i pop in...

Love your new header

Sylvia xx