Monday, 29 June 2009

What an idiot I am!!

What an idiot!! Went to reply to my emailed order to tell her it was ready and noticed she had spelt ANNE with an E. I had made and finished the card without the E. The air was blue for a while, but then I realised the card was lacking something down the left hand side So I had to remake the whole thing. Luckily I was able to take the flower spray and butterflies off unscathed, but the horseshoe got creased so had to be recut.It was easy enough to redo the insert..........................It will make me more observant in future.


Sylvia said...

Loved the first one you made but adding the border really sets it off.......

I hate it when that happens so glad you only had to disposed of the horseshoe.....its beautiful.

Hope your feeling a lot better

Loads of Hugs
Sylvia xxxx

Louise Emma said...

Hehe... never mind, at least you realised! We have all done it!! The card is gorgeous x