Sunday, 10 January 2010

January Birthdays

One for my niece for early February I made the card earlier this month and adapted it for her.
Most of the cards I have to make for family and friends this month are men's cards, so when this order for two girly cards came in I was off to the craft room like a shot. This rose one is made using a free sheet from Jak Heath from absolutely ages ago. But I love it, it's suitable for ........could even be a valentine card image.
This one is for a child of 10 or 11. The grandma couldn't remember the exact age........DOH!......... But I know how she feels I often have to look to make sure of the ages of my 5 grandsons. The little girl's name is Madison and I had to resist putting a mermaid on the card. lol
The fishing one is for my brother. I love doing easel cards for males It gives the card a little class, and makes me WANT to make them

This was an order for a friend to give her best friend. They have been friends since school and there has always been rivalry about their birthdays as Chris is a couple of months older than Lyn..........and always will be............That is why there is a Ha Ha below the 62

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Louise Emma said...

Wow, hun they are all lovely. My fave is the first one and the Jaks rose one xxx