Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Host of Butterflies

Normally if making this type of card I add a shower of white/cream flowers down the centre. But yesterday I had run out so went to my local (tiny) craft shop to get some............and they didn't have any either. So I had a look around and found these butterflies. A little expensive though when you need to use at least seven on one card I am looking into ways on how I can make my own. I have plenty of butterfly images, which I could print onto acetate.......................I can see a little play coming on today.
This Mum card is for s friends Mum who will be 80, but the last thing she wanted on there was her age..............."Oh no, Mum wouldn't want to be reminded!" I don't know though, they say these things and are disappointed when no card says 80! The frame and BP are downloads from "The clipart fairy" they can be found HERE and are really reasonably priced.


Louise Emma said...

GRRR blogger takin ages to load! Lovely cards hun xxx Am on my rounds of the blogs.... have hgad so little time lately have got all behind sorry x

Colette said...

Beautiful card, I love these book a easels, they are so effective. RE wavy writing, I use photoshop for all my digi stuff, and use the warp tool to make my writing wavy, I don't know if you have such a thing in your graphics program, but it works a treat.
Colette xx