Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Been having problems

Both computer problems and personal family ones.
Firstly I've been offline for about ten days due to computer playing up, so decided to have an upgrade. That arrived back on Friday, but still not working right...........teething troubles.
I went to use my GCF and because I am now using windows 7 it wasn't compatible so had to buy a later version. The annoying thing is there is hardly any difference between GCF5 and GCF8................why bother making another version if they are not going to upgrade it.

At the same time all this was happening, my 92 yr old MIL has been diognosed with cancer, so hubby has been away visiting and has only come back for a couple of nights in the last fortnight.
At one time it was touch and go, but she is a tough old lady and she has picked up again. She is well enough to leave hospital so now is going into a care home as she cannot look after herself anymore. I hope she continues to improve............but I fear the worst will happen sooner or later.

Sorry about the long post, I thought I had better explain why I've been missing!


Stamps and Paper said...

Val you have been missed in blog land sorry to hear of all your problems with you PC and sorry to hear about your MIL


The Fairy said...

aawww babe sending you a big hug and to let you know i'm thinking of you

wendy x

Jane said...

((Hugs)) Val, sorry life is not so good right now. You have definately been missed here.xx

Carole said...

Val,so sorry to hear about your mil -- its sad that she can no longer look after herself and then to find out she has cancer, its a difficult time for you and hubby.

Hope you get your computer sorted as i am missing all your fantastic creations!!

Carolerob x