Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A few orders and one for a little boy whose birthday is Dec 25th

Th first four are orders, two for Harley and two for Stacey. The lady that ordered these has had about 20 made in the last couple of months......I am running out of ideas!!

The last one is for Lenny, who was born on Christmas day three years ago....He was born 4 months before his due date, and has Cerebral Palsy...... not too bad....But he isn't quite walking on his own yet. We often see him holding his mummy's hand and walking around the Cul-de-Sac opposite us, but he just hasn't got the confidence to go it alone yet. 


Stamps and Paper said...

Such lovely cards Val but particularly like the one for Stacey is this a stamp or Digi?
My granddaughter was born on Christmas eve so it very difficult as people tend to buy just one present which they think does for both christmas and birthday! I am sure all your cards will be treasured


val090 said...

It is an image I have had for ages Anne, and not sure where it came from. I tend to save them if the fancy takes.

Roma said...

Wow Val these cards are gorgeous x

Barbara said...

They are beautiful as always Val..dont know how you come up with so many ideas xx

Judith said...

A gorgeous set of cards Val, they all look so professinally made!