Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Been a tad busy

Four made in two days..........I think I could be getting back into the swing of things.

The first two are family cards, One for my grandson's 18th and the other for my DIL

The next two are for the same person and were needed ASAP. He hadn't realised I was back making them and needed them before they were off to Morocco tomorrow.
Lucky things to get a holiday..........I've missed summer this year having spent the last five and half months in hospital.

The ribbon rose I saw made on C&C yesterday morning and easily made providing you have ruffle edged ribbon............I don't think ordinary would look as good.
Take a length of 15" ruffle edge ribbon, and attach DST all along the bottom edge. Start by rolling the ribbon to make the centre. Now keep going but with little tucks or pleats. They are quite large when made, but perfect for a single rose on a large card!


Stamps and Paper said...

A lovely selection of cards Val and nice to see you back crafting...hope you are on the mend...


Roma said...

Wonderful cards ,love the ribbon rose x