Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary

As a few of you will know, it was our Ruby Wedding last week and we celebrated with a large party on Saturday evening. The day was manic!

Up early and prepared the plates and serviettes, put all the knives forks and spoons into baskets.

We were lucky enough to win a free disco in last years Christmas draw which came in handy! So Tony disappeared around the club at 3pm to help set up his Karaoke system with the disco. In the meantime, family were arriving at our place. We had them booked in all the local b&b's. We've only got a 2 bed bungalow and the second bedroom is now a craft room!

We had to be there early although the invites said start at 8pm we knew people were going to start arriving at 7.30pm so we were there for 7.15.
Most of the food was already set out by then, (done by caterers) we finished off by putting out the wonderful cake my son Lee made and the gateaux. A friend of ours also made two big square game pies............they were delicious..(filled with venison, rabbit, hare, pigeon and pheasant)

Then everyone started arriving..........We filled the place and had a brilliant evening. Started with 60's disco music, then Tony started his Karaoke up and serenaded me with a couple of songs (Ahhh) A few others got up including Lee and my grandson Jake.

We rolled home at about 2.30pm after helping clear up the food that was left....................there was so much that had to be binned, it was a shame.
All in all a brilliant but very busy day.

It's now Tuesday and I'm still trying to catch up!


Louise Emma said...

Good on Tony for showing his romantic serenading side! Glad you had a lovely anniversary Val, not many manage 40 years these days sadly xx

shellshearer said...

so glad you had a lovely anniversary...love your cake its gorgeous xx

Jackie said...

I agree with Lou, 40 years is a wonderful achievement, congrats to both of you, the cake is fabulous. xx